Left For Better Things

Flash Fiction Writing Challenge from https://rogershipp.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/7294/ for week #41…..photo prompted.

I’m a lowly plastic snorkeling set, purchased with great anticipation, but lacking quality. The best of my luster was expressed in colorful dyes. Trade of those crumpled green tickets for freedom was probably the single greatest moment in existence; I was to be gifted. What is better than to be a part of something that should make a set of eyes shine with awe, and to turn wheels of imagination? I wanted to take flipper-ing feet where one experiences wonders just past the surface, into a whole other world. The spaces within my carbon structure finally breathed when my plastic, package prison was peeled open. The outside world’s air encompassed me in unforgettable embraces.

There was commotion. Shadows and figures flitted to and fro, and then I was falling….

I’m meant for fun things! Not to be discarded while I still shine! I felt desperation but the figures and shadows disappeared.

My pieces hit the deck with finality.

The sun arced, its photons beaming, wiggling with wavering intensities into those breezy corridors within my structure. Luster faded. As the sun cycled, my atomic spaces widened indefinitely. I broke, knowing I would be exiled to endless swirling between two worlds.



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